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Partnership and grant funding secured to launch ‘Peerkat’ app to global audience

6 August 2020

The Encode Club community

Following on from winning the Near Protocol Award in the Future of Blockchain 2020 arranged by Encode Club, Vivid IoV Labs were selected to take part in the first Encode Club pre-accelerator with partner ThunderCore.

ThunderCore is a high performance Proof-of-Stake public blockchain with EVM compatibility, the company is based out of Silicon Valley and raised $50m last year from prominent blockchain VC’s in USA and Asia. ThunderCore’s founder is Chris Wang – a successful entrepreneur who sold his previous company Playdom, a social gaming studio, to Disney for $532m.

The 10-week Encode Club programme afforded us the opportunity to work closely with the developer and marketing teams at ThunderCore, in addition to mentoring support from Encode Club.

It was a great experience and we enjoyed working with the other teams on the cohort. The Club culminated in a demo day where members of the team from ThunderCore including Chris were in attendance to identify synergies with projects that would be suitable for further backing.


We are pleased to confirm our strategic partnership with ThunderCore and launch our live streaming platform on the popular ThunderCore Hub in the near future – the app will be named Peerkat. To keep up-to-date with developments about Peerkat please follow here and here.

ThunderCore CEO, Chris Wang, commented on the partnership:

“I really liked Peerkat’s demo on the final presentation day of the Encode ThunderCore Club. The team is very organised and fully committed to their vision.

The live streaming industry is without a doubt one such that could be revolutionised and disintermediated by blockchain technology, such as ThunderCore. ThunderCore’s high throughput (4000+ TPS) and instant confirmation times (~1s) as the infrastructure layer are crucial to providing a smooth user experience.

If you look at the existing market leaders in live streaming, the platform usually takes 50-70% of the streamer’s revenue for providing the infrastructure. However, this could all become much more efficient by introducing carefully designed tokenomics and better incentive structures into the system, allowing the creators and streamers to benefit more.”

Greg Hannam, the commercial lead at Vivid IoV Labs added:

“We are really excited to be partnered with ThunderCore. Live streaming is a highly engaging form of media and a booming industry but we, in conjunction with ThunderCore, see the chance to provide fairer opportunities and ownership for users & creators through a decentralised platform.

I think from both sides we can see huge benefits to bringing this platform to the ThunderCore Hub and we’re looking forward to scaling together.”

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