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A journal of our progress and sharing ideas about the Internet of Value and creating a more inclusive internet using web 3 technologies

Vivid vacancy: Digital Designer

We are looking for a Digital Designer to join our award-winning team working remotely. This is a fantastic opportunity for a versatile designer to manage the design direction in a variety of areas, provide leadership on all areas of user experience and collaborate...

JAM session 13: Mat from MG.Social on building ad free social media business models, token launches and more

A bonus JAM episode! Mat joined us from MG.Social - an ad free social network with blockchain monetization powered by Coil and Xumm.   We covered Mat's background, what MG.Social hopes to be and everything from tokenomics to user retention.    ...

JAM session 12: Grant for the Web spending $100m to make the internet a better place

For our final episode of our first season of the JAM Podcast we have a really exciting pair of guests... Erika and Chris joined us from Grant for the Web.   GftW is a hundred million dollar fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web...

The Web Monetization UX Report released by Vivid

Vivid IoV Labs is pleased to publish the Web Monetization UX Report, the research was conducted during Q1 2021 with support from Grant for the Web.   The report is intended to help the Web Monetization community understand their users needs and inform...

JAM session 11: experiments with WebMo in comedy writing

Experiments with Web Monetization for humour magazine supporting under represented writers   Janet and Sam join the JAM Podcast from WidgetMag; a web based humour magazine experimenting with Web Monetization to pay writers from underrepresented groups in their...

JAM session 10: digital governance for web 3

Metagov building standards in infrastructure for digital governance & VR world governance   Episode 10 of JAM Podcast and Josh joins from MetaGov where they are building standards in infrastructure for digital governance Subscribe Please do check out the...

JAM session 9: community building through hackathons

Community building through Hackathons with co-founder of AfricaHacks Uchi   JAM Podcast 9 focuses on AfricaHacks vision for better community building through Hackathons with founder Uchi Nick Uchibeke Subscribe Please do check out the podcast series via the links...

JAM session 8: blockchain and web 3 in the music industry

Antonio from Kendraio on bringing blockchain's and web 3.0's potential to the music industry   Antonio joins for episode 8 of the JAM Podcast from Kendraio where they are creating better rights management and data structures specifically for artists in the music...

Finding Peerkat on ThunderCore

After spending time in stealth mode developing the crypto & gaming video streaming version of our platform Peerkat and following on from our previous announcement, we are pleased to announce our alpha version is live on the ThunderCore dapp store.

Our podcast Just A Meme is live!

Our podcast series Just A Meme is now live, the podcast JAM sessions are hosted by our co-founder Greg Hannam and focus on the future of making money on the web.

Daniele joins to develop Peerkat platform

Developer Daniele Bolla was a welcomed addition last year to Vivid IoV Labs and has made great strides in helping us to build out our first products, video and live streaming on demand with Peerkat and our recent work with the web monetization standards. Daniele shared some info about himself and his interests

Finding our Spark with Livepeer

Spark hackathon with Livepeer During August the team took part in the Spark hackathon and focused on the Livepeer challenge. Livepeer is a scalable peer-to-peer video transcoding infrastructure that interacts through a marketplace secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

Vivid has the X factor!

Vivid IoV Labs at Conception X, a venture builder that works with PhD students to create deep tech startups out of their research. Founded in 2018 by UCL, the 9-months long programme helps to train PhD students to become venture scientists.

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