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The Web Monetization UX Report released by Vivid

Vivid IoV Labs is pleased to publish the Web Monetization UX Report, the research was conducted during Q1 2021 with support from Grant for the Web.   The report is intended to help the Web Monetization community understand their users needs and inform...

Web Monetization modules for revenue sharing and video ads published by Vivid IoV Labs

Freemitization - the combination of revenue sharing and freemium-style video advertising for Web Monetization - has been finalised and published by Vivid IoV Labs.   The modules have been developed as part of our work for Grant for the Web, a fund to boost open,...

JAM session 11: experiments with WebMo in comedy writing

Experiments with Web Monetization for humour magazine supporting under represented writers   Janet and Sam join the JAM Podcast from WidgetMag; a web based humour magazine experimenting with Web Monetization to pay writers from underrepresented groups in their...

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