Intros // Peerkat // Vivid

Daniele joins to develop Peerkat platform

22 January 2021

Developer Daniele Bolla was a welcomed addition last year to Vivid IoV Labs and has made great strides in helping us to build out our first products, video and live streaming on demand with Peerkat and our recent work with the web monetization standards. Daniele shared some info about himself and his interests…

Hey Daniele, tell us about your background and experience of working in fintech

I started building websites after a post liceo course and from there I continue my career as a web developer, focusing on the front end. I had a great experience in Milan with the guys from Mia Platform, an increasingly powerful omnichannel platform for modern applications.

Later I moved to London where I worked for EquipmentConnect, a fintech startup committed to accelerating and revamping the assets finance process for SMEs requiring a piece of equipment and vendors providing it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend some of my spare time playing the guitar or learning new things about harmony or sound design. I also try to keep fit by cycling, hiking in nature, canoeing and climbing.

What are your favourite apps and why?

I prize applications that help my life be lighter like Monzo and Xero or other automation tools such as IFTTT. I am also quite a geek so I spend some of my time on Brilliant or some sports apps for personal development.

What excites you about Vivid IoV Labs and/or Peerkat?

Vivid IoV Labs is a very inspiring place to experiment with new ideas and start implementing the future of transactions using blockchain technologies.

The Peerkat app is a promising and interesting example of this culture. It’s a next generation progressive web app that leverages the fascinating and increasingly popular world of live streaming.

I’m glad to be a part of its development and bring it alive and accessible on the web. The ability of requesting a livestream anywhere in the world is one of the core concepts of it, which I think is a great feature!

And finally, tell us about some of your goals for the future

I am very committed to learning new things and growing in my career, recently I discovered a growing passion for mathematics and one of my goals is to study it in-depth!