Finding Peerkat on ThunderCore

23 March 2021

After spending time in stealth mode developing the crypto & gaming video streaming version of our platform Peerkat and following on from our previous announcement, we are pleased to announce our alpha version is live on the ThunderCore dapp store.


ThunderCore is a high performance Proof-of-Stake public blockchain with EVM compatibility, the company is based out of Silicon Valley.

Step 1: download the ThunderCore Hub

You can get the ThunderCore Hub app here

Step 2: finding Peerkat

To find us load the app and login

Step 3: there’s no place like home

On the bottom bar hit home to bring up the apps and Peerkat is in the Featured, Game and Other categories

Step 4: enjoy!

Bonus – hit the heart on the web view to add us to your favourites for quick access


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Daniele joins to develop Peerkat platform

Developer Daniele Bolla was a welcomed addition last year to Vivid IoV Labs and has made great strides in helping us to build out our first products, video and live streaming on demand with Peerkat and our recent work with the web monetization standards. Daniele shared some info about himself and his interests

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