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Monetisation and moonshots!

5 May 2020

Hello and welcome to our blog where we will keep a journal of our progress.

We will also share our ideas on all things about the Internet of Value (IoV) and our vision of creating a more inclusive internet using web 3.0 technologies.

Block-Sprint beginnings

Vivid IoV Labs was formed from the winning team of UCL CBT and Ripple’s hackathon, Block-Sprint. The hack was focused on:

Accelerating innovation in blockchain technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the areas of Payments and Decentralised Finance.

During the fortnight we were fortunate to spend time at Ripple’s London hq to receive expert technical and commercial advice, making some awesome connections along the way.

Tackling the XRP micropayments challenge with our Live Streaming On Demand concept (with enhanced Web Monetisation), we were thrilled to see our project fight off top competition and run out victorious!

Hello, world!

Our founding team is well balanced, creative and technically skilled, as well as boasting significant experience of working within technology startups. Without further ado, introducing…

Ike Iwumene Full Stack Developer, Blockchain Developer including Ethereum & Interledger, experienced with Solidity smart contracts, programmer analyst consultant for companies & startups in healthcare and financial services sectors. Passionate about innovation and frequently volunteers at tech events and developer meetups. Loves to travel the world on family holidays with siblings, interested in art and design.

Yo-Der Song PhD Computer Science at UCL, focusing on financial computing and data analytics. Research experience in blockchains, cryptocurrencies, internet protocols, cloud storage and video streaming services. Recently worked on a project at The Alan Turing Institute exploring agent-based models of the London housing market. Interests include dancing, golf and basketball.

Greg Hannam MEng BEng Mechanical Engineering, sales and marketing consultant for Scale Ups, Product Manager for Legal Business Intelligence company. In down time Greg likes to tinker with various business ideas and other projects, as well as spending time outdoors hiking or cycling around the countryside.

Ben Marshall Digital project management, marketing & operations for startups. Previous creations include an app to interconnect social media id’s and a real-time music streaming chart. Quite the adventurer, loves to travel and explore the world with a backpack. Other than exploration, interests include football & cricket, live music and following the developments of the blockchain & cryptocurrency space.

In addition to this blog, we will also post here and here.

That’s all for now and we look forward to having you join us on this journey. To the moon!