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Nikos welcomed into Vivid developer team

18 March 2021

Athens-based developer Nikos Tziralis added back-end development expertise to Vivid IoV Labs toward the end of last year.

Nikos quickly fitted in and has been focused on helping to enhance the back-end functions of the Peerkat video-on-demand app and most recently our Freemitization modules – check out our dev site for Freemitization where we demo the freemium video ad injection and revenue sharing open source modules for Web Monetization. Nikos answered a few questions to give some insights about himself and his background…

Hey Nikos, tell us about your background and experience of working in tech

As an engineer, I love solving complex problems. As a software developer, I like automating their solutions. Keeping an eye on details, I work to make sure such solutions are easy to use.

My preferred tools of the trade are NodeJS and Python.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend much of my spare time learning about the latest updates and trends in Tech.

What are your favourite apps and why?

One of my favorite apps is Sweatcoin. The app allows users to earn Sweatcoins when they walk or run outside, and then they can redeem them for cash or rewards. It’s a nice way of staying active especially if you have a desk job.

What excites you about Vivid IoV Labs?

There is no better feeling than being part of an ambitious, hard-working, and honest team.

Vivid is such and one can tell even from the first weeks when I joined. The most inspiring thing though, is the fact that they address real-world problems that could make people’s lives easier once solved.

Tell us about some of your ambitions and goals for the future

Being early in my career, my prime interest is accelerated knowledge – this is what I’m focused on every day.