Peerkat Updates & FAQ

ThunderCore Update – 16 June 2021

Progress Update

We met with the ThunderCore team at the end of last week. Peerkat Earn integration with Quest is now complete and it is being tested this week by ThunderCore engineers. Peerkat Earn will go live on the ThunderCore Hub in the next fortnight with the first Earn videos available for users to earn TT for viewing featured videos.

Peerkat Web Extension has been in development and is almost ready for internal alpha testing. As soon as we are ready for a wider beta test we will invite our Peerkat Telegram group members to download the Peerkat Extension and start earning TT on the web too!

ThunderCore Update – 28 May 2021


We have put together this page to answer some questions we have seen from our users.

Please remember that we are a small team and can only cover so much, but we are excited at the products we are bringing to the crypto world and we are grateful to have an engaged and growing user base.

Thanks for all of your support so far!

The Peerkat Team

What we have been working on

Peerkat is our first application that we dreamt up at a hackathon back in 2019.

It was originally intended to be a live streaming application that was censorship resistant and had novel features.

Through our work with ThunderCore and legal advice it became clear that we wouldn’t be able to build this by bootstrapping, therefore we have pivoted to allow us to grow without needing VC or angel funding (see what’s next).

Current Features of Peerkat


  • Users can watch crypto & gaming videos and send tips in TT
  • Feedback pop-up form (thank you to the 30k people that have already sent us feedback so far!)


  • At the moment we have a few content creators that have kindly agreed to share content on Peerkat
  • We do not have the functionality to send tips directly to creators yet, which is why we are slow on the onboarding process for new creators
  • The creator onboarding and content upload process is currently a slow, manual process with lots of potential issues – we are working to streamline this so that onboarding will be easier for us soon
  • For now, we are restricting new content to creators we have previously moderated. The rules and regulations for user generated content are complex, particularly across different geographies, and they are constantly changing, therefore this is an important measure for Peerkat to reduce risk.

Roadmap – full roadmap released in August 2021

Peerkat Earn - June 2021

All users will be able to receive TT for watching featured videos

  • We have designed it so that users have to complete the entire video and cannot just skip directly to the end
  • We will keep the videos short
  • Users can learn more about each company by clicking on the link during or at the end of the video
  • We will be launching pilots of Peerkat Earn in the coming weeks and then expanding the service to new partners who want to showcase their brand on the platform

User account page

  • Link to your Twitter account within Peerkat app
  • Displays the amount of Earn tokens you have gained across both Peerkat Earn and Peerkat web browser extension (see below)

Streamlined upload process

  • We will use a Google Form to upload content to Peerkat Google Drive
  • Our developer team are working on an internal process to allow the non-tech people in our team admin permissions to upload

    Peerkat Extension - August 2021

    Similar to Peerkat Earn but built for the web!

    • Peerkat Extension will be available for browsers built on chromium such as Google Chrome and Brave Browser
    • Users will be able to receive crypto for viewing brand messages – initially TT only

    FAQ – Updated 17 August 2021

    Are you real?

    Yes, real people see here

      Why are you so slow?

      A number of reasons

      • We are a small team (4 of us founders) and our developers are 1 full time, 2 part time
      • We are bootstrapping everything from our own funds so it takes a while to process anything – due to funding restraints we are often pulled onto other projects like our work with Grant for the Web 
      • We are taking a careful approach when it comes to rules and regulations (there are plenty to navigate for fintech, cryptoassets, data and user privacy) as we aim to build products that will last  
      • Our operations team only speak English so it’s currently hard to moderate different language content 

        Can I upload my video directly?


        • Our content uploading process currently sits outside of Peerkat for now
        • We will try and get new content uploaded asap but we have to moderate and then manually upload each one

          What is the purpose of the Telegram group?

          For questions, user feedback and feature requests

          • We will make a proper feature request form soon

          Will you add social media features such as comments to Peerkat?

          Not yet

          • We want to bring something unique to the market and our efforts will be focused on bringing Web 3.0 features like NFTs to the platform

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