Peerkat NFT Platform for Marketers Backed by XRPL Grants

27 September 2021

Vivid IoV Labs is pleased to confirm funding for an NFT-related project backed by XRPL Grants.

XRPL Grants was recently established to provide support for developers building innovative products and tools on the XRP Ledger. The fund is managed by RippleX with additional technical support from XRPL Labs, the first funding announcements were made last week. Having completed our Grant for the Web project earlier this year, we will continue our focus within the ecosystem and leverage the XRPL to offer an exciting new opportunity with NFTs for brands and users. Peerkat will assist with NFT strategy, while our platform will enable even the most junior marketing exec to easily mint, distribute and track branded NFT and SFT campaigns.

Apex 2021

Our Co-Founder and Commercial Lead Greg Hannam will be presenting a lightning talk on “Creating superfans for brands through NFTs and SFTs” at Apex, the inaugural XRPL developer conference on Wednesday (29th September).

Keep up-to-date with our NFT developments via, where for the next 10 days attendees of Apex 2021 can also join the waitlist to claim an Apex NFT.

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