Designer Dean joins the team

Edinburgh-based graphic designer Dean Macgregor has joined us to contribute to our projects and develop the Vivid IoV Labs and Peerkat brands.

Dean spent a few moments to share some insights and interests...

Hi Dean, first up, tell us a bit about your background...

In the beginning I was originally trained as a UX Designer at Edinburgh College, I learnt to design by putting myself in the shoes of a target audience and think of the design from their perspective. What works for a 70 year old man won’t work the same for a 12 year old. Along with the usual graphic design skills I also gained skills in animation, video editing and a little bit of coding to add to my repertoire. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades designer!

During my time at the college I worked on a plethora of projects, service design, branding, app development, design sprints and I managed to sneak in a bit of freelance work despite the busy schedule. Since I left I've been building my portfolio in the hopes to get a full-time design role, which led me to Vivid IoV Labs.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

While designing is my main creative outlet it's not my only one. For the last few years, I have developed an affinity for tabletop gaming with a group of friends, particularly Dungeons and Dragons. While extremely complex at times it does lead to rare moments of storytelling that anyone can enjoy. Because Dungeons and Dragons takes hours of prep it does take up a solid chunk of my free time, although I do find myself keeping up-to-date with Spiderman comics and spending a few hours a week with the PlayStation when the opportunity arises!

Tell us about your favourite app, and why do you like it best?

When I’m working I always need something in the background to help me focus, I often turn to Spotify to help me with this. Spotify’s use of recommendations and radio playlists combined with clean and crisp minimalist graphic design keeps me coming back over and over again! I’m constantly finding new artists and albums I quickly fall in love with.

It's an app I can appreciate for both the service it provides and how smoothly it provides it, not to mention how it helps me focus.

What excites you about Vivid IoV Labs?

Vivid IoV Labs is heading into largely uncharted territory, while others have used blockchain and cryptocurrency for their products and services before very few seem to have landed with the general public. Often they appear too complex or too far from the average person's knowledge.

Vivid’s first product Peerkat looks to me like a potentially excellent way to bridge that gap between cryptocurrency and the general public. It's a project that I can genuinely get behind and see going a long way.

On top of that, due to the early stage for both Vivid and Peerkat, it's an opportunity to help build something from the ground up. From a design perspective it's a fresh start, I can help choose what defines these brands for years to come. In short it's a chance to do interesting, important work and that's something I will rarely turn down.

And finally, what are some of your plans for the future?

I don’t have a specific plan for the future! As I mentioned earlier I hope to get a full-time design role at some point within the near future, ideally a UX one, but beyond paying the bills I just want to work on interesting projects that I can take pride in.

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