Mahfuz moves in

Ahead of the launch of our app 'Peerkat' on the ThunderCore hub later this year, Mahfuz Ahmed has joined the team to help with building our community and keeping them informed.

Mahfuz took a few moments to share some information about himself and his interests in the cryptocurrency & blockchain space...

Hey Mahfuz, tell us a bit about your background and experience of cryptocurrency & blockchain

I’m a mathematics student and within that you do learn about cryptography & algorithms, that was where my interest of getting involved in cryptocurrency began!

I started to join events and invested in certain coins and since then I’ve enjoyed it all, the entire journey, and have even begun a channel for all things blockchain and cryptocurrency related news - CryptoTalks

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy keeping active - I enjoy going to the gym and my favourite sport has to be table tennis, I started a few years ago and even competed in some competitions.

But beyond all that I enjoy discovering new things to do, my most recent was hiking at Lake District (when it was safe to do so!)

Tell us about some of your favourite apps, and why do you like them?

I think my favourite app has to be Snapchat. It has all the things you need - instant messaging, photos and videos all seamlessly integrated into one app. Also for fun and entertainment I enjoy listening to podcasts and music via Spotify and YouTube.

What do you like about this opportunity?

Being an intern at a startup is an exciting time! You do have that element of growing along with Vivid and enjoying every step of the way.

My previous internships were more market-related, but this one excites me the most due to the fact it is to do with new tech and blockchain

And finally, what are some of your plans and goals for the future?

I do believe that in the future I want to do something using mathematics because it would be fun and if it was paired with blockchain it would be even better!

As for my goals in the future, I do have plans to start a limited company with my uncle to run validator nodes for Ethereum (as soon as Eth 2.0 launches) and maybe try to create my own stake pool for Cardano - so anything to do with crypto would be a goal for me!

Mahfuz will be helping with our communications

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