Peerkat announces content partnership with Mazer Gaming

Esports team Mazer Gaming is joining forces with Peerkat to bring epic gameplay of top video games to the ThunderCore community.

Peerkat, the crypto and gaming video platform, is partnering with esports team Mazer Gaming to bring fresh gaming content to the ThunderCore dapp store.

Starting March 27 users of the ThunderCore Hub will be able to tune in to awesome matches and tournament footage produced by the team at Mazer via the Peerkat dapp.

The recently launched Peerkat platform will feature within the ThunderCore Hub, already a leading decentralised application store, bringing enhanced social elements to their rapidly growing audience of 400k monthly active users from all over the world.

Primarily made up of crypto and gaming enthusiasts, this move is expected to generate more global interest for the ThunderCore Hub, Mazer Gaming team and Peerkat dapp.

Greg Hannam, Commercial Lead, Vivid IoV Labs:

“This is one of those partnerships that really does seem to be win-win-win. I am excited to be working with the Mazer team to bring some truly unique content to ThunderCore’s users”

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