We are hiring - are you a marketing magician?

Marketing & Communications Intern - Work Experience

After securing an exciting partnership with an innovative blockchain company with a global user base predominantly in Asia, we are now looking for a Marketing & Communications Intern to manage our social media presence and drive community growth across our digital channels.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the early stages of an award-winning novel live streaming app powered by blockchain, while developing your digital and operational marketing skills in a real-world environment.

You will be taking responsibility to refine and deliver our digital marketing strategy, with key tasks including but not limited to:

  • Owning our presence on Crypto Twitter and Telegram - energy and wit required!

  • Developing and monitoring marketing campaigns - working with our graphic designers and partners to publish eye-catching content

  • Writing and proofreading creative copy

  • Maintaining websites and reviewing analytics to continuously improve our strategy

  • Updating databases and using a customer relationship management (CRM) system

To complete these tasks our team will support and up-skill you where necessary to work effectively in our organisation, but as a basis we are looking for...

Skills and experience

Must haves:

  • A keen eye for detail and what makes powerful marketing campaigns - we will ask what your favourite campaigns throughout history have been and why, so be ready!

  • An understanding of social media mechanics - we are looking for people who have a significant social media following or have produced something great previously

  • A way with words - do you have the confidence in your writing and wit to engage and delight our community

  • Proactive and resourceful - able to show initiative and independently research ideas to constantly improve our strategy

  • Respectful and empathetic - you will be acting as our community manager and working with our partners, as a representative of Vivid IoV Labs we need to see professionalism and the ability to build rapport

Bonus points for:

  • Interest in Live Streaming, Blockchain and/or Cryptocurrency

  • Passion for following crypto-related social media content

  • Experience with paid ads

  • Experience with data analytics

  • An eye for good design - able to create striking digital media assets such as infographics, video clips etc

Equally important is being a complementary fit into the team.


  • Motivated - you will be in frequent communication with your teammates, but the ability to work autonomously is key

  • Flexible - expect lots to change as we navigate uncharted waters, we approach every challenge with an open mind

  • Active listener - allow the speaker to fully engage, but always willing to put your own ideas forward

  • Teamworker - not afraid to chip in and get involved in anything to help the progress of the company

  • Responsible - take ownership and acts in the best interests of the company & its values

  • Dependable - consistent in your approach and a reliable pair of hands under pressure is of the utmost importance for us as we move quickly

Register your interest

Please note that this opportunity is offered as voluntary work experience.

To express your interest in this opportunity at Vivid IoV Labs, please email us at info@vividiov.com

Make sure to include the following details to help us get to know you, the more information the better:

  • CV

  • Links to any relevant profiles, social media or websites

  • Examples of projects and previous work

  • Details of any references

Vivid IoV Labs

Vivid IoV Labs formed from the winning team of UCL and Ripple’s Block-Sprint 2019 Hackathon. We are creating a more inclusive internet using emerging web 3 technologies.

Our focus is on the Internet of Value and micropayments, by using and developing new tools we are committed to creating next gen applications for fairer content revenue distribution and superior user experiences.

Our app is a request based live streaming app and has been dubbed the Uber for live streaming! Utilising micropayments the platform incentivises all parties through an innovative revenue distribution model for content.

About the team

The founding team has 4 co-founders. We have a good mix of creative and technical skills, as well as boasting significant experience of working within technology startups.

We have already gained some awards and recognition as a team namely:

  • UCL x Ripple Hackathon Winners

  • Future of Blockchain Hackathon: Near Protocol UX Challenge Winners

  • Member of UCL CBT Industry Alliance

  • Conception X Cohort III

  • ThunderCore x Encode Club Cohort

So you'll be joining something exciting with momentum!

Company culture

We might be a scrappy startup, but we have important values and they should resonate:

  • A new day. New ideas. A new you.

  • Be grateful for the opportunity

  • Celebrate every single win

  • Deliberate cautiously, act decisively

  • Do common things uncommonly well

  • Remember the endgame

  • Show up every time

  • Take care of colleagues, customers and the world


Any personal information provided to Vivid IoV Labs is handled in accordance with our privacy policy

Equal Opportunities

Vivid IoV Labs Ltd is an equal opportunity employer. We view our employees and subcontractors as our most valuable asset and seek to conduct business in an atmosphere of mutual respect and professionalism.

It is our policy to extend equal employment and advancement opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to race, religion, colour, origin, citizenship, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age or disability.

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