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Proof of Granny – your mother’s mother should be able to use your app!

21 May 2020

The Future of Blockchain

Fresh from the Block-Sprint hackathon victory, Vivid IoV Labs entered into another hack – the Future of Blockchain.

Future of Blockchain is a long-form competition for those at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, London, Berlin and others to build a blockchain project over 3 months – attracting students, researchers, alumni and leading developers.

This year, participants also joined from outside these core universities, with submissions from the Universities of ETH Zurich, Rome, Stirling, Waterloo, Cape Town and Paris.

Near Protocol

In addition to many entrants and cool projects, FoB attracts many partners too! This year’s partners included Algorand, Tezos, Zilliqa and Near Protocol, each partner set a specific challenge for teams to tackle with their projects.

We honed in on the Near Protocol challenge for creating the best user experience, the exact challenge was specified as:

The app does exactly one thing, and it does it extremely well. This is as much a technical challenge as it is a design challenge. The test for passing this is that your mother’s mother should be able to understand and use your app. Bonus points for a lot of hard work behind the scenes making the user experience epic. Every detail of your user’s experience should be ironed out. This challenge is tricky because it sounds easy, but is very… challenging.

This was the best fit to test our live streaming on demand concept and the Near Protocol tech seemed the best fit for the streaming of micropayments.

Near have been making exciting progress, having created a next generation blockchain and are billed as the global computing platform for the open web. Their mainnet has recently gone live and they have announced a significant funding round backed by a16z.

We were proven right to have pursued this challenge – we enjoyed working with Near and were delighted to pick up the award as winners! Check out the full hackathon write-up here and our interview with Near Protocol here

Next Steps

Following on from the Future of Blockchain award, we have been selected into a programme to partner with another Silicon Valley-based blockchain company with momentum – ThunderCore. This opportunity presents us with the chance to work with the development and marketing teams at Thunder to trial our app within their ecosystem. The user base is dispersed all over the world and presents a great chance for us to develop our concept further.

We have also been focused on searching for the right blockchain-focused accelerator for our startup and hope to have some news on this front soon.