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The Web Monetization UX Report released by Vivid

14 May 2021

Vivid IoV Labs is pleased to publish the Web Monetization UX Report, the research was conducted during Q1 2021 with support from Grant for the Web.


The report is intended to help the Web Monetization community understand their users needs and inform the development of the next generation of brilliant user-focused web monetised products and content.

Please check out the report and we would love to hear from you if you would like to add to the report or if you have general feedback on the findings.


Click here for the full report

5 Key Takeaways

  • Most common theme – more Web Monetization Service Providers needed for ecosystem to thrive!
  • Web Monetization is a nascent technology and requires an increased engineering effort
  • Likewise, increasing the awareness and the marketing investment for Web Monetization should be a high priority
  • More flexibility for payment streaming controls and options such as tipping and donation tools are required by users
  • Users really like the technology, however the entire ecosystem needs developing