The online survey was conducted during Q1 2021 by Vivid IoV Labs with support from Grant for the Web

About this Research

Thank you to everybody who took part, we had responses from people across 5 continents, aged from 18 to 54. The charts below display the answers to 13 questions about the Web Monetization User Experience. This research is intended to help inform the Web Monetization community for the development of the next generation of brilliant user-focused web monetised products and content. This research was first published in May 2021.

5 Key Takeaways


Most common theme – more Web Monetization Service Providers needed for ecosystem to thrive!


Web Monetization is a nascent technology and requires an increased engineering effort


Likewise, increasing the awareness and the marketing investment for Web Monetization should be a high priority


More flexibility for payment streaming controls and options such as tipping and donation tools are required by users


Users really like the technology, however the entire ecosystem needs developing


How often do you create and put any content on the web (video, blog, social media)?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

We wanted to get an understanding of how many content creators were participating in our survey. With the exception of a handful of respondents, the participants could all be considered creators in some way.


If you could monetise your content easily, would you likely put out more content (or start doing it)?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

An overwhelming answer in favour of yes shows that while few creators do it for a passion… Proper incentivisation for content producers, allowing for more focused content creation without money worries, would likely result in an explosion of creativity.


What type of content do you create (or would like to)?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

While podcasts, videos and live streams have significantly grown in popularity our respondents mostly produce written content. This seems to marry with (the first Web Monetization Provider) Coil’s use case and initial product. Closer, more formal partnerships with the top platforms would help to serve users needs away from written content. Other responses included memes, tweets, online courses, webinars, games, instructions and art.


How did you first hear about Web Monetization?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

We wanted to find out about how people first discovered Web Monetization. As expected, initiatives like Grant for the Web were the leading driver in people’s awareness of Web Monetization. This goes to show how important the effort of private funded companies and initiatives are for the technology. Other paths to discovering Web Monetization included DEV.to, Write.as, Gamejam and crypto social media channels.


If you currently subscribe to a Web Monetization Service Provider (e.g. Coil), what made you subscribe?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

Users subscribed to Web Monetization services primarily for monetary reasons, whether as creators receiving micropayment rewards or as consumers when supporting content they love. An interest in the technology itself was also common among Web Monetization subscribers.


What do you think about a Web Monetization provider charging $5/month to allocate as you browse the web?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

We wanted to see what people think about the current costs of subscribing to a Web Monetization service provider. The feedback was split, with some liking it but also some disliking it. The largest group of users found the $5 subscription charge per month to be acceptable. Some respondents wanted more flexibility and options such as tipping or topping up their allowance, as they believe the current first come first served payment distribution is weighted towards content consumed at the start of the month.


Is there a better approach?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

A relatively mixed responses to potential other options for Web Monetization services. Almost half of respondents believed more flexibility such as tipping services at the user’s discretion or a multi-tiered subscription would be better.


What do you think is the biggest barrier to entry for new users of Web Monetization?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

With this question, we wanted to learn from existing users to understand what they see as the main issue for adding new users to the ecosystem. The main barrier to entry is the lack of mainstream awareness. Better marketing would help to raise public awareness and so would increasing the quantity of content and Web Monetization service providers.


If you could change one thing about Web Monetization what would it be?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

The one thing most respondents would change about Web Monetization is to have more providers available in the ecosystem. Alternative rates of payment streaming was also a popular response, along with other suggestions including: not requiring an extension, being able to pay with crypto, influencer-led model (eg. Patreon) and the provider having an integrated wallet.


At what USD price would you begin to think that a Web Monetization service provider represents great value for money?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

Almost half of survey respondents believed the $5 subscription is fine as it is. There were a number of suggestions for this question including more flexibility and controls on both user and creator sides would be ideal, as well as additional tipping functionality.


How likely are you to recommend looking into Web Monetization (either the ecosystem or a specific provider) to a friend?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

We used the net promoter score to gauge customer loyalty to Web Monetization. Most respondents were positive, the majority of users would strongly recommend Web Monetization to their friends.


What would encourage you to recommend it more?

Vivid IoV Labs comment:

We can conclude from the answers to this question that the word of mouth marketing will get stronger as the ecosystem is built out further. A financial incentive and referral system were also seen as good options to incentivise growth of the ecosystem.


And finally, if you had a magic wand and could change ANYTHING about Web Monetization, what would it be?

Popular answers:

“Native integration into browser”

“More awareness of ecosystem”

“More providers with different approaches”

“Intuitive revenue sharing”

“Adoption and promotion by a major media outlet or content platform”

“More transparency of how payments are distributed”

“Other payment controls such as peer-to-peer tipping”