Vivid has the X factor!

15 June 2020

Vivid IoV Labs at Conception X

Conception X is a venture builder that works with PhD students to create deep tech startups out of their research. Founded in 2018 by UCL, the 9-months long programme helps to train PhD students to become venture scientists.

This is expertly delivered by providing specialist entrepreneurship training, business and technology coaching, mentorship from leading industry experts, and connections to the London entrepreneurial community. Conception X is supported by Barclays Ventures and Deloitte Legal and its startups have raised a total of £7 million to date.

Vivid IoV Labs has been selected to Cohort III of the Conception X programme

The journey began in February with 50 other teams, consisting of students from top UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial College London.

The PhD students worked on a wide spectrum of topics including genetic engineering, VR, quantum computing, blockchain, 3D printing, human-computer interaction and AI applications in healthcare, climate, energy, and wellbeing.

See the teams in Cohort III

Over the last few months in the programme, we have been involved in a range of fantastic events including a cohort demo day, OKR training with Google and a collaborative session with London Business School MBA. The coaching sessions have helped us to enhance our live streaming on demand proposition and decentralised tech stack to optimise our use of blockchain, machine learning and decentralised identity.

We look forward to making the most of the remainder of our time with Conception X and sharing success stories with the other teams, staff and mentors!